Our dedicated hospice team consists of compassionate professionals committed to providing exceptional care. With a diverse range of expertise, they work collaboratively to meet each patient’s unique needs, offering support, comfort, and guidance throughout their journey.

Dr. Guadalupe Ojeda

Dr. Guadalupe Ojeda DHA, MBA, BSN

Thank you for your interest in Brand Hospice Care, Inc., I am Dr. Guadalupe Ojeda, the owner & operator of this Hospice.

If you are reading this message, you are facing a life challenge filled with many questions and unimaginable emotions, and you may not know where to begin finding the correct answers for your situation. I have been through this journey with my loved ones and found that no two patients or situations are the same. Therefore, I decided to use my calling as a nurse and my passion to provide quality patient care as the base to ensure a peaceful, comfortable, end-of-life transition for anyone in need. I also believe that hospice services do not need to be boring… rest assured that we will customize your loved one’s care plan to include their social interests- because every smile is priceless.